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The Life Compass

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The Life Compass is formed of 18 interconnected pages that come together to create a powerful system that can be used to organise your mind and remain focused on what matters most. You can use it to:

  • Connect with your guiding values
  • Place your dreams front and centre
  • Stay focused on your goals
  • Organise your knowledge
  • Capture ideas and inspiration
  • Motivate yourself to build habits
  • And much more…

What's included?

  • An all-in-one, mindfully crafted system to organise your mind and live with more intentionality
  • The Life Compass home page to stay aligned to your Dreams, Intentions and Goals
  • The Learning Space to bring together what you’ve been learning and synthesize it into original ideas.
  • The Task Manager to keep track of the various tasks you’re working on in a flexible and easy-to-use calendar.
  • The Habit Builder to log activities that contribute towards building habits so to stay motivated.

The Life Compass philosophy

  1. Free up your headspace - Offload your brain and capture your most important thoughts in an external place (like your Life Compass)
  2. Capture lightning when it strikes - When creative inspiration strikes for you, use your Life Compass as a vessel to capture it within.
  3. Let aliveness be your guide - By tapping into our heart and gut intelligence we are able to feel ourselves into situations in a way that our mind cannot. When something resonates, take note!
  4. Honour the seasons of life - There are times for action and times for rest. Use the Life Compass to plant seeds and let them lie dormant until they are ready to naturally emerge.
  5. Act from a place of alignment - By clarifying your values and by regularly reminding yourself of your dreams and goals, you reconnect with the WHY behind what you do
  6. Be the author of your own story - The Life Compass gives you a canvas to write your own story, a place to reconnect with your own authentic voice, and a way to create your own sense of meaning.

Gain access to our Life Design Community

By purchasing the Life Compass you will be invited to join the Inner Compass community - a safe space to go within and chart a new path for yourself from a place of alignment and integrity.

Inner Compass Academy

Try before you buy!

Take the Life Compass for a spin before committing to purchasing.

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What is Notion?

Notion is an all-in-one workspace that allows you to take notes, collect resources, manage projects, and a whole manner of other things to help you get organised.

What is a Notion Template?

Notion templates are pre-built Notion components that can be imported into your Notion workspace in a matter of clicks.

Do I need to pay to use Notion?

Nope, Notion offers a free plan with no strings attached.

How does a life design system differ from others?

The Life Compass comes with a set of principles that guide the user on how to organise their lives, pursue meaningful goals, and navigate significant life transitions.

Does this mean I need to micro-manage my life?

Nope. The Life Compass has been designed in such a way to move you away from static accountability systems. This is a system which is made to serve you, rather than you being a servant to a system.

Will this system make me more productive?

Yes, but with a caveat. We want to emphasise that productivity is a side-effect of something bigger. The intention of the Life Compass is to move you away from obsessive productivity in order to help you see the bigger picture and pursue the things that truly matter.

How will I receive the template?

After purchase, you'll receive a link to duplicate the Notion template to your workspace.

What should I do once I have the template?

Navigate to the User Manual within the template and follow the set-up instructions found within.

Where can I find additional support?

Head on over to the Inner Compass Community Space where you can ask others for support. We also host cohort-based courses focused on populating up your Life Compass. Become a part of our community to receive updates on upcoming dates.

Check out the Life Compass page on our website for more info:

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A Notion-based system to help you to live more intentionally in a noisy and chaotic world. Use it to clarify your intentions, set meaningful goals, and pursue the things that matter to you most.


The Life Compass

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